Aquila Forno

Aquila Al Forno

Aquila Forno is not just a very well kept secret, its also a place that is not easy to find. It is on a tiny side street off Main Street in the heart of town.  If you pass the “Little Falls” sign, you went too far.

When you do find it, you are lucky if there is not a wait or if you will served without a reservation.  The place is very small, like, four tables small.  If you get there on a nice day, sit out back on the patio for a more comfortable dining experience.

This is a labor of love for the proprietors. It is very simple, and every dish is made with skill and love.  They only accept cash, and it is BYOB, so bring the wine of your choice.

While there are not a lot of dishes here, but what you will find, is every one of them is perfect. I went there after a Yankees game with one of my eldest cousins Ricky. His mother was the eldest of 9 brothers and sisters.  She was like the grandmother of the family, and she knew how to cook.  When they ordered meatballs as an appetizer I almost shuddered. You know they are never going to be as good as your mother’s.  But Ricky took one bite and rarely a man of emotion, his eyes opened wide and said “These are fantastic meatballs”. Not only is that a lot coming from my cousin, but it says a lot about a pizzeria.

The pizza is obviously the main event here, and they have some of the best I’ve ever tasted. This is why they are in the Top 10 of my all time favorites in the world.  How lucky am I to not only live in North Jersey but to live within a 10 mile radius of some of the best I’ve ever tasted all over the globe.  No joke.

They have quality antipasti here as well.  You can see and taste, the obvious difference from the stuff pulled out of cans and jars and thrown on a plate.  They include aged parmesan cheese, marinated artichoke hearts, capitol and wow look at that prosciutto!  All the classics, but a lot better and fresher than you can imagine.

Aquila Al Forno – 7A Paterson Ave Little Falls NJ 07424 / @AquilaForno

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