Calabria Pizza

Calabria Pizza Livingston NJ


Calabria Restaurant & Pizzeria in Livingston NJ has been around for over 40 years. Since its in the same county I’ve lived in all my life, I am surprised I have not come across it sooner. A block away is Nero’s which I’ve been going to as a kid, so I am not sure how I missed this one.

Recently there was a Garden State “Pizza Bowl” award for the best pizza in New Jersey.  Some of my favorites were missing, some of them like Pizza Terminal won the regional and best pizza joint in North Jersey.  Another on the list was Calabria Pizzeria.  This, along with the fact that Portnoy of Bar Stool gave it an 8.9 rating, I had to see what it was about.

Given all the reviews, I was almost certain this would have been a winner, and it is.  But for my taste the Thinny Thin at Angeloni’s in Caldwell is still in my Top 10 favorites of all time.  The is not to take anything away from Calabria, they still fall within the top 15.

The pizza is thin, crispy, flavorful, but the crust does fall dry.  Granted, it was a 20 minute drive back home, but I’ve left some pizzas out for hours, reheated and it still tasted great, if not better.  This pizza deserves to be eaten during a dine in visit, when the pandemic lifts and we are able to do so. It is a winner for sure.

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