Angeloni’s Restaurant

Angeloni’s Restaurant

6 Brookside Avenue Caldwell NJ 07006 (973-226-1234)


Angeloni’s Restaurant is truly a great Italian-American dining experience at an affordable price. It might not be the very best place for authentic Italian food, but it is good food. You can bring your own wine, and there is plenty of seating. And because the place can hold a lot of people, there is going to be a lot of noise.  So if you don’t like a noisy restaurant, this might not be the place for you. Either way, you will find its a really great little restaurant with all the decor, from photos of Sinatra, to Dino, checkered table clothes, friendly staff, classic Italian music everyone loves and a really great atmosphere.

But for that very reason, what I love most is their “Thinny Thin” pizza. It is one of my all time Top 10 pizzas.  It is the thinnest I’ve ever seen, and they put it in a pan so the cheese runs to the edge of the crust so it is crunchy.  I never seen or ate anything like it anywhere else.

But Angeloni’s is not just a one pizza show.  All their pizza is great.

The Pasta e Fagioli is good, but their escarole and beans is not the way my mother made it.  I was surprised to see pre-sliced pepperoni in there. I always thought it was a vegetarian dish, at least it was in my house. Even if recipes call for bacon or smoked ham hocks, pepperoni is not the way.

They may not be high scale authentic Italian, but the food is good for sure, and at a very reasonable price.

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