You can take the world’s best taxi or uber driver, with no point on their license and be find on the road. But if you take that same driver and put them in a Ferrari or Formula One for a race, there is no doubt in my mind they will be destroyed within the first lap.  Likewise, you can give an amazing photographer the opportunity to film or photograph your wedding, but it is vital that they have wedding experience and know how to roll through a 10-12 hour day without a break.  There are many obstacles, challenges, and issues that can easily arise at any point of a wedding day, and this can easily throw someone that is a casual photographer.

For nearly 20 years I have been filming and photographing weddings.  While there are tremendous advantages over what we used the old film days when we could not see an image on a monitor, most of what was taught in photography classes 20 years ago still applies.  And sure, an image or video might look great on that latest iPhone, and you might get a lot of likes on social media. However, when you blow that photo up to an 8×10″ photo to be framed or go to watch that video on a 60″ television and you can barely hear the vows because of audio issues, then you will start to realize why you need a professional wedding photographer and videographer.

You might not always have the perfect sunny day like that pictured above. It might be cold and rainy. And that is not the time to surrender, but the time to become as creative you can be, and get wet.  Most smartphones today are water resistant. Most professional equipment is not. So be sure you hire someone that is not only willing to get wet, but has backup equipment as well.

When I state I have personally I have done thousands of weddings, I am not bragging. I only want people to know I am a well seasoned veteran who still can move better than those younger than me because I know which way to zig or zag when a curveball is throw.  Whether it be the priest that stands directly in front of the bride and groom during the vows, or the Aunt who stands up in the middle of the aisle with her disposable camera, or even a child yelling loud enough to disrupt a ceremony. I won’t lie, these are not easy to overcome, but you always have to have a backup plan or way to fix it in post production.

The truth is the amount I have done are countless. I can only estimate how many I have actually done, but it’s been a minimum of 2 per week, sometimes 3, for over 20 years. In the old days, I would shoot on Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Sunday.  During the week I would edit at least two of those.  With the pandemic now, things are obviously very different. If I shoot something on a Saturday, I start working on it on Monday, and its normally done the next day or so.

In this blog I hope to recreate some of the memories of the good, the bad and the ugly.  I want this to serve as an interesting insight as to what can and cannot happen.  All the names and dates have been changed, and since they all happened over a year ago, there is no way for me to recall dates and names anyway.

Stay Tuned!

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