Casa Tua Aruba

Casa Tua Aruba Arawak Gardens

Amongst the part of town in the center of Aruba is Casa Tua. While there are many restaurants on that corner, this one stands out with its red and white checkered tablecloths and picnic tables.  It is a warm, welcoming place which embodies outside dining.

The food here is nothing fancy. You come for the atmosphere and for the pizza.  The pizza is not typical, they do great gourmet variations. Their Gypsy pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, imported Spanish chorizo, onions and black olives.  This is a winner for me, I’ve even tried to replicate it at home.

It is basically a pizzeria with fine outdoor dining in a garden like atmosphere.  This is not a bad thing. Its very romantic, simple and who does not love pizza and wine? Just do not expect a fancy Italian meal.

For example, here was one of their Soups of the Day – not sure if its minestrone, pasta fagioli, or what, however, I never seen an Italian soup with fettuccine in it.  Chicken noodle soup, maybe, but not with beans. Again, simple food, fair prices (at least last time I went).

They have basic hot and cold appetizers, salads and soups for starters. My favorite is the pescatore with all types of seafood and shellfish. And of course, fried calamari.  Again, nothing fancy you cannot find at a pizzeria in the New York or New Jersey area.

The charm here is an old world Italian garden in the center of town, romantic but casual.

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