The Committed Pig

The Committed Pig

Morristown NJ

We were here on Monday, July 5, at around 1:30pm – we didn’t have a reservation, but it was busy, we got there around 1pm had to wait 20 minutes, we were seated around 1:25pm.  I heard good things about this place, plus they have 3 locations, so they must be doing well. They have awards, a Food Network Judge, cookbook author, and friend, raved about it as well.  So I am not sure what happened between then and now, but this time was a complete disappointment.

To start with the good, the Spinach & Artichoke dip was fantastic, and the garlic bread was just as good.  Not sure a few ounces of it were adequate (notice the serving size to the left), but it was good, for sure.

The chicken wings were unusually small, and dry. The dry rub tasted good, overspilled for my taste (and I do like them spicy) but a bit heavy on the spice and cumin.  No worries, we were here for the burgers.

Unfortunately this was very disappointing.  When something is called the Baked Brie Burger, you would expect for the brie to be melted, not like what you see below.  It was not creamy either, as described on the menu. In fact, when I bit into it, I can’t say it was cold, but it certainly was not even warm.  My brother got the same burger, same temperature (medium) and his comments were the same. How hard is it to melt the most meltable cheese on the planet? Even at room temperature its super soft. I don’t get it.  The french fries too, were warm, soggy, and they dumped them on top of the pickle. I didn’t even notice until I saw my brother eating his.  Some may think I am being terribly critical, but pickles are supposed to be firm, crunch, cold, certainly not hot and sitting at the bottom of the pile of fries.

The service by the waiter was fine, he did forget to bring us straws for our iced teas, and he did ask how everything was.  I was not about to send my burger back, nor complain, because honestly, I can’t see myself ever returning here, unless I have no other choice, and/or its to sample their breakfast dishes.  It is billed as a “Burger & Pancake” place, but clearly they could not get one right, so why would I return for the other?

I am still trying to understand how you cannot get “baked” brie to melt, when it naturally melts at room temperature.